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Oct. 3, 2022

S2 E49: Mysterious Moving Coffins & Wandering Graves

Sometimes things happen that cannot be explained. Objects in your house for example - ending up in places other than where you re…

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Sept. 26, 2022

S2 E48: The Hexham Heads Episode

In late spring of 1971, two brothers Colin and Leslie Robson, were playing in their garden. As they played and looked for things …

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Sept. 19, 2022

S2 E47: Shapeshifters - The Pooka, Changelings, and The Nix

Three simple words have been etched into our brains since we started this show. "FOLLOW THE FOLKLORE". It's simple, and 100% true…

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Sept. 12, 2022

S2 E46: Tyler Finally Watches Dune

I wish that I could express just how bad I want to underline, enlarge, and make bold - the word "FINALLY" in this episode's title…

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Sept. 5, 2022

S2 E45: Star Jelly, Angel Hair, & The Missing Thunderbird Photo

For literally thousands of years, accounts of strange things from above have been documented. Perhaps one of the earliest account…

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Aug. 29, 2022

S2 E44: The Thunderbird Episode

The Chippewa (or Ojibwe) have a tradition - that in the time BEFORE time began - there existed a bird of supreme majesty that des…

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Aug. 22, 2022

S2 E43: Nope & Prey - GIANT-SIZE Patreon Preview

In this GIANT-SIZE episode we discuss two movies released in July that we've been wanting to talk about on our show since we watc…

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Aug. 15, 2022

S2 E42: This Is Not a Mothman Episode

This is NOT a Mothman episode...but, we do end up mentioning the Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia quite a bit... It was h…

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Aug. 8, 2022

S2 E41: I Survived Camp Rad Strangeness '22

Well campers - summer camp is over. But, before you hop on the bus to head home it's time to end it with a bang. Join us this epi…

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July 25, 2022

S2 E40: Yellowstone - The Unexplained & Unexpected

Think back to the days of old when territories of North America were still wild, unclaimed, and unseen. What on earth must have t…

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July 18, 2022

S2 E39: The Orb Episode - We Finally Made It

Our host Tyler has been hinting at telling his own personal ORB STORY nearly every episode since we started this podcast. At last…

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July 4, 2022

S2 E38: Swamp Gas, Ball Lightning, and Foxfire

There is a core group of phenomenon that's often used as a universal explanation or place holder, if you like, for some of the ot…

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June 27, 2022

S2 E37: The Salyut 7, Space Angels, & UFO's

This week on our show, we look up to the skies... That's right campers - there's no way that we could in good conscious call Camp…

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June 20, 2022

S2 E36: Michigan Monsters & Mysteries

Ok ladies and gents - gather round, pack your gear, and kiss your moms and dads goodbye. It's time to hop on the bus and head to …

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June 13, 2022

S2 E35: Drowned God - Conspiracy of the Ages

A few weeks ago Woody began reminiscing about old computer games he played in middle school and high school. In the 90's computer…

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June 6, 2022

S2 E34: What Are Ghosts?

Almost one in five people from the United States say that they’ve seen or been in the presence of a ghost. Belief in ghosts is ba…

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May 23, 2022

S2 E33: The Great American Road Trip

There's something about ROAD TRIPPING that instantly brings to mind your parents rusty station wagon, your little brother or sist…

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May 16, 2022

S2 E32: The Not Deer Episode

When you begin your journey into the world of cryptid creatures, or even if you have only the slightest interest in cryptozoology…

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May 9, 2022

S2 E31: The Watcher House

There is something really special about finding your "dream home". The moment you step inside you can quickly imagine your future…

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May 2, 2022

S2 E30: Welcome Back Tyler

The prodigal son returns! This week we welcome back co-host Tyler Bence after a multi-week hiatus from the show because of the TO…

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April 25, 2022

S2 E29: The Hand of Glory

When you begin to dig into our very own human history - it turns out that the truth can ABSOLUTELY be radder than fiction! This w…

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April 18, 2022

S2 E28 - The Churinga Stone

Can objects hold supernatural power? Can they perhaps be the focus of paranormal activity? We've talked about some interesting ob…

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April 11, 2022

S2 E27: The Mysterious Mrs. Brown

This past week was spring break for us here in north Georgia where the That Would Be Rad headquarters is located. So, Woody packe…

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March 28, 2022

S2 E26: Ask Us Anything

Ever since we started this podcast we have received questions, comments, ideas, theories from listeners via comments on our socia…

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