Feb. 27, 2023

S3 E7: Kisaragi Station - A Japanese Urban Legend

S3 E7: Kisaragi Station - A Japanese Urban Legend

We're no stranger to urban legends and mysteries...but this week - we explore a story that we had NEVER heard before.
This story, sent to us by one of our listeners, intrigued us right away. Woody was immediately hooked and was even successful at keeping it a surprise until he got to the studio!

Get ready to experience a spine-chilling episode of That Would Be Rad as we delve into the urban legend of the KISARAGI STATION.

In the heart of Japan lies a deserted train station with a dark past. Rumors of missing persons, ghost sightings, and unexplainable events surround Kisaragi Station, leaving many to wonder if the station is cursed or haunted by vengeful spirits.
It all began when a young woman named Hasumi boarded a train that took her to the Kisaragi Station. Now, nearly 20 years later, we dive into this haunting tale and explore the mysterious occurrences that continue to puzzle even the most seasoned investigators. 

In an attempt at connecting the dots, and creating a web of red yarn we'll discuss topics such as sleep paralysis, The Black Cube of Saturn, Loab, John Dee & Edward Kelley, remote viewing, alternate dimensions, dreams, astral projection, the Montauk Project, and much more.

Thanks so much for listening, be safe and as always - BE RAD!

**SPECIAL THANKS TO BRENDAN in TASMANIA for sending us this story. You rule mate!


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