Feb. 20, 2023

S3 E6: What is Project Bluebeam?

S3 E6: What is Project Bluebeam?

February 2023 will potentially go down in history as one of the strangest months we've had in a long time.
From gigantic slow moving "spy balloons" to back-to-back UFOs being shot down in the United States and Canada - it would certainly appear that there has been a strange increase in UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT activity.
Regardless if you vote red or blue, or if you're a "bible thumper" or "conspiracy theorist" - we can all admit that things don't seem quite right.

In this episode of That Would Be Rad - Tyler finally get's his chance to talk about one of his favorite topics of all time: PROJECT BLUEBEAM.

We live in a time when no one knows who they can trust.
We don't know what info is simply manufactured by any number of organizations.
Not to mention the technology that we KNOW about is advanced enough to make an alien invasion seem like it's happening...well, this seemed like the perfect time to discuss a theory a man named Serge Monast proposed in 1994.

Is this a real alien invasion?
Are we just being inundated with excessive amounts of spy aircraft that we're only now noticing?
Is it all just a 1 in a million coincidence that UFO documents were declassified recently?
Has this been the plan all along?

So while you're looking up, to see what's floating around in our skies, give this episode a listen - and see if any of it reminds you of what is going on right now.

Thanks so much for listening, be safe and as always - BE RAD!


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