Jan. 23, 2023

S3 E2: The Blood House at Fountain Drive

S3 E2: The Blood House at Fountain Drive
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Unleash the horrors of the unknown with us this week, as we delve into the true story of "The Blood House at Fountain Drive" also known as the "Bloody House" of Atlanta.
In 1987, an elderly couple were shocked to find blood oozing out of the walls and floors of their home, with no explanation or source found. Join us as we investigate the mysterious and unexplained event that plagued the Winstons, and explore the theories of a hoax, a supernatural occurrence, and even a possible murder.
This spine-chilling episode will leave you questioning the reality of the unknown. Don't miss out on this eerie tale of the Blood House at Fountain Drive, now available on our podcast!

Thank you so much for listening, and as always: BE RAD!


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