May 8, 2023

S3 E16: Why Growing Up in the '80s Is Still The Best

S3 E16: Why Growing Up in the '80s Is Still The Best
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MOVING SUCKS. But, there are some good things that come from it. That's what WE learned any way while moving the "B-room" of our studio.

Woody uncovered a mini-treasure trove of obscure toys he's had since the early days of his childhood, that he's always wondered about their origin. Did they come from some obscure TV show, or were they just random knockoffs that he got while growing up overseas?

Join us as we discover the truth behind these hidden treasures and get ready to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane!

From rare and obscure toys to epic video rentals, we're diving deep into the golden era of strip malls, unforgettable cartoons, and the toy collector's dream!

Discover the toys that defined a generation, relive the thrill of pop culture, and reminisce about the days when being a collector was the ultimate cool. Grab your headphones, kick back, and prepare for an epic journey through the 80s that will leave you longing for simpler times. Don't miss out on reliving the magic! Tune in now! 🎧✨

Thank you for listening to our show and as always, BE RAD!


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