April 3, 2023

S3 E11: The Orang Pendek and The Bukit Timah Monkey Man

S3 E11: The Orang Pendek and The Bukit Timah Monkey Man
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Hidden deep within the rainforests of Southeast Asia there are creatures that defy all manner of imagination. Hundreds upon hundreds of new species are discovered every year.

Join us on this week as we explore the myths and legends surrounding the Orang Pendek and the Bukit Timah Monkey Man, two elusive creatures said to inhabit the rainforests of Southeast Asia. We dive into eyewitness accounts dating all the way back to the Marco Polo expedition, Japanese soldiers in World War II who described had an eerie encounter, an article written in 1932 describing 3-4 other similar creatures in the area, and even a modern group who claim to have recent photographic evidence.

We uncover scientific evidence, anthropologic documentation as we delve into the mysteries of these creatures and uncover the secrets of their existence.

So, join us on this adventure into Woody's old stomping grounds of Indonesia and Singapore - this episode will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Thanks so much for listening, sharing, and all your support - BE RAD!


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KEYWORDS: Orang Pendek, Bukit Timah Monkey Man, BTMM, Singapore, Sumatra, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Cryptid, Cryptozoology

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