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Nov. 21, 2022

S2 E56: The Vertical Plane: The Mysterious Dodleston Messages

S2 E56: The Vertical Plane: The Mysterious Dodleston Messages

In 1984 in Dodleston, England Ken Webster, a high school teacher living in an 18th century "fixer-upper", experienced something very strange. He and his two roommates returned home one evening from the local pub, as they approached their home they noticed a pulsing green light coming from their cottage's windows.

As the entered their cottage they noticed something that completely terrified them.
Their computer screen had a strange message written on it…The computer wasn’t connected to any network, and no one else had been home.

This was the beginning of the strange incoming messages that would be left…eventually followed by Ken’s responses. Messages back and forth to someone that lived in that very home - but, in the year 1541.
The past wasn't the only place messages were relayed to this BBC Micro computer. They also came from the future...the year 2109.

This week on That Would Be Rad - we dive deeper into what these strange messages say, what they predict, and of course where we think they came from. We'll peel back the layers of this story to reveal other strange oddities that occurred in the house even prior to having the computer.
Things like, 6 toed footprints on the floors, walls, and ceiling. Possible poltergeist activity, and much more.

Was this all an elaborate hoax?
Did Ken Webster and his roommates stumble upon a portal that spanned AT LEAST 3 timelines?
Was this another version of the Trickster Archetype? Perhaps even one familiar to Native American lore...Mannegishi?
Is this the key to the Vertical Plane?

Press play to find out.

Thank you so much for listening - and BE RAD!

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