Nov. 14, 2022

S2 E55: Loab - The First A.I. Cryptid, Tulpa, or Terrifying Art Demon?

S2 E55: Loab - The First A.I. Cryptid, Tulpa, or Terrifying Art Demon?

Every single day we all use the internet to find whatever it is that we are looking for at any given're doing that right this very second.
You are reading these words thanks to the power of the internet. We use it for everything. To look up funny cat videos, to read articles about strange phenomena, to send an email to a co-worker or a client, or to even order groceries.
Hour after hour we dig through every corner of the world wide web, searching, posting, tagging, consuming or creating.

But, what happens when it starts looking back at us?
What happens when we give internet access to artificial intelligence?
What if we were to push those limits and boundaries of this "artificial intelligence" by giving it machine learning capabilities and the power to create?

What if it uses us, humanity, as it's muse? What will it be "inspired" to make? The answer may horrify you.

This week on That Would Be Rad - we explore the strange and twisted creation a multi-media artist called "Supercomposite" accidentally stumbled upon while experimenting with one of the various A.I. generators.
Supercomposite may have accidentally opened a door for an entity that may be here in our world...for good.

Press play to find out why we think this could be as dangerous as dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

Thank you so much for listening - and BE RAD!


🎧 That Would Be Rad is written and produced by Woody Brown & Tyler Bence
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🎧 Mixing and Mastering by Tyler Bence
🎧 Episode Graphics, Art & Art Design by Tyler Bence
🎧 Our Outro Song "Ghost Story" written by Woody Brown & Tyler Bence + Performed by The Modern Society


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