Nov. 6, 2022

S2 E54: The Stranger Things Bible

S2 E54: The Stranger Things Bible

This week we feel like Indiana Jones himself in the studio...that's because we unearthed a not-so-ancient artifact that we have become obsessed with. One that we believe deserves to be in a museum - so that all humankind can revel in its radness.
Listeners of our show will know that in general, we don't typically recommend bringing any unknown artifacts into your home...or at least doing so at your own risk...
But, we couldn't help ourselves!
That's because we happened to stumble upon the actual "show bible" that the Duffer brothers used to pitch their brilliant show STRANGER THINGS to studio execs.
Listeners of our show will pick up pretty quickly that we are GIGANTIC fans of Stranger Things and can relate, on so many levels, to the Duffer brothers.

Not only will we be diving into the pages of "The Stranger Things Bible" but we'll also discuss Woody's review of the official "Stranger Things Experience" here in Atlanta.
We'll deep dive into trivia about how the show may have been different, where their concept for the premise of the show originated from, the things that influenced them, and an even deeper dive into some of the trivia that exists within those influences. Things that we hadn't known until now about 80s movies and books that are amongst some of our absolute favorites.

What does the Battle of Gettysburg, The Philip Experiment, Stephen King, Montauk, The Everly Brothers, and Stranger Things all have in common?
You'll have to listen to this week's show to find out!

Thank you so much for listening - and BE RAD!


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