Oct. 31, 2022

S2 E53: The Bell Witch Halloween Special

S2 E53: The Bell Witch Halloween Special

This week we explore the terrifying tale of The Bell Witch - one of the most infamous haunting legends from the Southern United States.
Beginning in 1817 in what is now known as Adams, Tennessee  - the Bell family was tormented by all manner of spooky phenomenon - including an entity that could speak, affect the physical environment, and even shape-shift.
Witnesses and victims accounts of interactions with this entity are some of the craziest things we have ever heard.
But, before you think this is just some tale told by some back hill Tennessee hillbillies to spook whomever will listen to it, keep in mind that one of the witness accounts comes from none other than the 7th President of the United States - Andrew Jackson himself.
Join us today as we dive into the finale to our OCTOBER SPOOKTACULAR, celebrate one of our favorite holidays, and explore one of the scariest stories we've ever heard...the legend of: THE BELL WITCH.

Thank you so much for listening - stay spooky & BE RAD!


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