Oct. 24, 2022

S2 E52: America's Most Haunted House? The Hampton Lillibridge House

S2 E52: America's Most Haunted House? The Hampton Lillibridge House

Here in Georgia we have a ton of interesting locations that are potential hotspots for hauntings. The first that come to mind are places like old historic cemeteries, or civil war battlegrounds - both of which could easily be found in any number of residential backyards across the state.

But,  there IS a city here in Georgia that is pretty well known to all for having some of the most haunted locations not just in the South, but in the entire nation…
That is the beautiful city Savannah, Georgia - the city that served as the very first state capital when it was just a young British colony.
Although so many of the historic buildings were burnt down during the civil war here in our state, some of those that were saved are said to harbor terrifying things...

This week on our show, join us as we tell the incredible and terrifyingly true story of what has not only become known as the most haunted house in Savannah - but, also perhaps the most haunted house in all of the United States.

Thank you so much for listening - stay spooky & BE RAD!


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