Oct. 17, 2022

S2 E51: The Stroudsburg Rain Man - The Devil & Don Decker

S2 E51: The Stroudsburg Rain Man - The Devil & Don Decker

The mind is a powerful thing. There are certain memories that stick with you forever - sometimes triggered by a smell, or a sound, that will take you immediately back to a moment in time.
Whether a fond memory, or a complete nightmare, it seems that we have very little control of when this will happen. For us, the moment we hear the theme song for Unsolved Mysteries, or hear Robert Stack's voice - suddenly we're pre-teen kids again.
This week we talk about a case that both of us remember hearing about on our old favorite show Unsolved Mysteries - one that back in 1993 they referred to as the "Rain Boy".
This case is a perfectly creepy example of just how powerful the mind potentially is. Don Decker (the Rain Boy, or Rain Man) could seemingly make it start to rain wherever he was, a phenomenon that was witnessed by many including police...one which no one could explain.
Was it a case of hydrokenisis, a demonic possession, or simply what would be arguably one of the most elaborate and difficult hoaxes for the time?

Find out what we think and decide for yourself this week on THAT WOULD BE RAD...

Thank you so much for listening - stay spooky & BE RAD!  


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