Oct. 10, 2022

S2 E50: After Hours - Ghosts, Werewolves, and Psycho Killers

S2 E50: After Hours - Ghosts, Werewolves, and Psycho Killers

We've all experienced something that terrified us to our very core - in some way or another. Whether it was something we watched on TV as a kid, a book we read, or something we experienced in real life...we all have a story.
Some of them can perhaps be explained away...but, too many of them cannot.

This week's episode is one of our favorites within our annual tradition of all things spooky during our OCTOBER SPOOKTACULAR.
That's because - in this show, we harvest all the gooey, bloody, and hair raising tales from YOU our listeners - and present them in all their terrifying glory!

It turns out that truth is MUCH MORE terrifying than fiction...as you will come to see when you hear stories that deal with ghosts, ghastly projections, Georgia's own werewolf, and the psycho-killer hiding in your house.
WARNING: If you are easily frightened, you may want to STAY AWAY from this episode.

Otherwise - if you're ready to listen and get spooky - we HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing so with headphones so that you can enjoy all the 3D sound design/spatial audio.

Thank you so much for listening - stay spooky & BE RAD!

Special thanks this week to: JJ, Sean, Nancy R., and a dusty old book - for the stories, inspiration, and opportunity to share it with the world.


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