Oct. 4, 2021

S2 E5: Dybbuks, Demons, Ghosts, & Golems

S2 E5: Dybbuks, Demons, Ghosts, & Golems
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There seem to be objects in this world that draw to themselves some sort of mysterious, dark energy.

For whatever reasons unexplained forces, spirits, entities, or curses are said to gravitate towards these items, imbuing them with some ominous quality beyond our ability to explain or even comprehend.

This week we kick off our annual “October Spooktacular” with one such baffling object.
One that turned up for sale on the Internet nearly 20 years ago and ever since has stirred the imagination with its story of spectral entities, curses, and strange happenings orbiting it.

This is the tale of what has come to be known as the “Dybbuk Box”...
We'll take you on a journey through Jewish Mysticism and uncover the lore behind Dybbuks, Demons, Ghosts, and Golems.

Be careful when you open this...and as always: BE RAD!


🎧 That Would Be Rad is written and produced by Woody Brown & Tyler Bence
🎧 That Would Be Rad is recorded at Midnight Radio Studios
🎧 Editing, Mixing, Music, and Sound Design by Woody Brown
🎧 Mixing and Mastering by Tyler Bence
🎧 Episode Graphics, Art & Design by Tyler Bence  


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