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Sept. 26, 2022

S2 E48: The Hexham Heads Episode

S2 E48: The Hexham Heads Episode

In late spring of 1971, two brothers Colin and Leslie Robson, were playing in their garden. As they played and looked for things to throw they began to dig in the dirt - and found something that seemed both interesting and strange. The boys had dug up 2 small heads carved in stone. Roughly the size of an orange or tennis ball. The stone heads had flecks of  greenish-grey and glistened with quartz crystals. The heads seemed to be carved of local stone, and had irregularly shaped features, holes for the mouth and eyes, ridges for the nose, and they were not identical.

Fascinated by the mysterious treasure they had found…they decided to keep them.
Little did they know all the strange things that would happen from then on… This is the story of The Hexham Heads.

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