Sept. 19, 2022

S2 E47: Shapeshifters - The Pooka, Changelings, and The Nix

S2 E47: Shapeshifters - The Pooka, Changelings, and The Nix
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Three simple words have been etched into our brains since we started this show. "FOLLOW THE FOLKLORE".
It's simple, and 100% true.
We continuously uncover a commonality as we navigate through the "rad strangeness" we end up rifling through and discussing on our show. What we continue to find is that for as long as humans were capable of passing down stories...similar archetypes, creatures, characters, and encounters have occurred all around the world.
Despite being separated by physical proximity and even time...the parallels and similarities are astounding.
Such is the case with what can be generalized as "SHAPESHIFTERS".

The God's honest truth is we fully intended for this episode to just be about SHAPESHIFTERS in general. Initially sparked by a curious photograph taken recently by a group of paranormal researchers, we started with the Irish legend of the Pooka (or Puca).
But, as we dove in - we dove deep, and found we couldn't get out...not quite yet.

So - sit back, grab a few pieces of pure Iron (Fe), and listen to us discuss some of the interesting folklore/legends of The Pooka, Changelings, and the Nix.

Thank you so much for listening - BE RAD!


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