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Sept. 5, 2022

S2 E45: Star Jelly, Angel Hair, & The Missing Thunderbird Photo

S2 E45: Star Jelly, Angel Hair, & The Missing Thunderbird Photo

For literally thousands of years, accounts of strange things from above have been documented. Perhaps one of the earliest accounts occurs in the Book of Joshua in the Old Testament.
Each year at the beginning of the rainy season, the people of Yoro, Honduras, gather buckets, barrels, pails, and nets in anticipation of fish that will fall from the sky.
Frogs, and toads have also fallen numerous time and in monstrous numbers; but so have winkles, worms, and snakes.
Blood has been seen dribbling or pouring from the sky as if lifted right off the screenplay of Jordan Peele's newest movie NOPE, beans and grains fall, and so do meat, muscle and fat.
Coins, swathes of silklike material, strange mysterious material known as "angel hair", buttery substances, and even something called "Star Jelly" are only some of the long list of "skyfall" we dive into on this episode.

Join us as we uncover the strange and mysterious rad things that have rained down from the heavens - seemingly since the dawn of mankind.

Are they gifts from above?
Weird oddities of nature?
Evidence of strange "window areas"?

Find out this week when you PRESS PLAY.

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