Aug. 8, 2022

S2 E41: I Survived Camp Rad Strangeness '22

S2 E41: I Survived Camp Rad Strangeness '22
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Well campers - summer camp is over. But, before you hop on the bus to head home it's time to end it with a bang.
Join us this episode as we premier a true story sent to us by one of our young listeners who just got back from summer camp. You'll want to be sure your flashlight is nearby as she tells one of the spookiest tales we've had on our show.
We cover so much rad strangeness in this show including:

  • Steven Spielberg's connection to several U.S. Presidents, his top-secret knowledge of UFO activity, and what Ronald Reagan had to say after the private screening of the hit movie - E.T.
  • Unique poltergeist behavior we've never heard before
  • The follow up to listener Mike Hall's UFO sighting in Westminster, Massachusetts
  • The very first documented UFO sighting in the United States in 1639
  • Monsterland, Leominster State Forest, and Ronny Le Blanc
  • Orbs that transform into glowing pigs
  • The East Mountain Radar Base
  • Betty & Barney Hill
  • The Exeter Incident
  • Newton Lights

And so much more! This is THE episode that deservingly closes out the summer camp season and we are so excited for you to hear it.

Thanks so much for listening, and Be Rad!



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