July 18, 2022

S2 E39: The Orb Episode - We Finally Made It

S2 E39: The Orb Episode - We Finally Made It
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Our host Tyler has been hinting at telling his own personal ORB STORY nearly every episode since we started this podcast. At last - it's here.

But, what exactly is an orb?
We've all seen the photos online of what people call "orbs", or perhaps even grainy security cam footage of small orb-shaped particles floating around on every ghost hunter television show that has ever existed.
That IS NOT what we are talking about in this episode friends. 

We dive into Tyler's personal account of witnessing mysterious orbs of light that would come to visit him at his prior home consistently for a period of several years. Orbs of various size and colors. Sometimes a single floating ball of light...sometimes multiple.
We'll dig deeper into why this is so different from the refractions of light on the lens of a camera, dust particles floating in the draft of an air conditioner, or the simply explained "backscatter" that can occur in photography.

So, join us this week and hear our theories of who (or what) might have been paying Tyler a visit and how they changed when he was no longer alone in the room...

Zip up your tent campers, Camp Rad Strangeness is still in session!

Thank you so much for listening, BE RAD!



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