July 4, 2022

S2 E38: Swamp Gas, Ball Lightning, and Foxfire

S2 E38: Swamp Gas, Ball Lightning, and Foxfire
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There is a core group of phenomenon that's often used as a universal explanation or place holder, if you like, for some of the otherworldly experiences people have had throughout history.
This core group is more readily accepted by scientists, authorities, and government organizations as "naturally occurring" and easily mistaken for things such as UFOs, paranormal encounters, the orb phenomena, and even globally/culturally significant things like the will o' the wisps.

The fact is - this "core group" is equally as fascinating, mysterious, and strange as the phenomenon they're being used to explain away.

In this weeks episode - we will take you on our journey to uncover the truths and mysteries surrounding Swamp Gas, Ball Lightning, and Foxfire.

We'll walk you through the scientific explanation of these "acceptable" phenomenon, explore some real-world reports and first hand accounts, and we'll begin to answer the questions...
What causes these phenomenon?
Could they be easily mistaken for visitors from another planet, dimension, or the heavens?
Or rather than be mistaken, are they artifacts left over after a unique encounter?
Does science hold all the answers?
Can these things really be to blame for things like The Flatwoods Monster, UFOs, Bigfoot, and more?

Bring your headlamps and maps for this one campers...it's time to go on our CAMP RAD STRANGENESS night hike.

Thank you so much for listening, BE RAD!



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