June 27, 2022

S2 E37: The Salyut 7, Space Angels, & UFO's

S2 E37: The Salyut 7, Space Angels, & UFO's
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This week on our show, we look up to the skies...
That's right campers - there's no way that we could in good conscious call Camp Rad Strangeness the "best summer camp in any dimension" without diving into some really amazing stories about UFOs!

We kick it off featuring a story by one of our very own campers, Mike, who tells his personal UFO encounter that happened on a warm late afternoon in Westminster, Massachusetts.
His compelling story made us wonder...have there been other incidents in that area?
What we found quite quickly was that Mike was not alone...there have been other incidents...even abductions by the visitors from above.

We'll also dive into one of the raddest and strangest cosmic phenomena that we've heard.
In July 1984, Russian cosmonauts orbiting the Earth aboard their space station Salut 7 experienced an encounter unlike any we have talked about on our show before. This happened not once - but twice, and not just by a single person...but, by six individuals. All of whom reported witnessing the same exact thing.

So, put your binoculars in your backpack, get a fresh water bottle, and let's head down the rabbit trail together this week as we discuss The Salut 7, Space Angels, and Unidentified Flying Objects.

**Special Thanks to Mike for sharing his personal story with us! So often folks are nervous to share something they've experienced for fear of being ridiculed, treated differently, or thought of differently after sharing - and so, they never do.
To us it means the world that our listeners and friends give us the opportunity to share their story with everyone here on our show - a place where they will never have to worry about any of that!



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