June 20, 2022

S2 E36: Michigan Monsters & Mysteries

S2 E36: Michigan Monsters & Mysteries
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Ok ladies and gents - gather round, pack your gear, and kiss your moms and dads goodbye. It's time to hop on the bus and head to the 2nd annual CAMP RAD STRANGENESS.
That's right campers - it is finally here.
What better way to kick it off than to explore so many of the incredible MONSTERS and MYSTERIES that our very own camp counselor Woody learned about on his recent vacation to Michigan.
This year at CAMP RAD STRANGENESS we have a summer full of surprises. 

This week we'll touch on monsters lurking in the Michigan "mitten" such as the Isabella Bigfoot, The Michigan Dogman, The Melon Heads, Pressie, The Dewey Lake Monster, Nain Rouge, The Ada Witch, Mishipeshu, The Ogre of Seney, Mermen, Waheela, and even a Giant Green Squirrel.
We don't just stop there campers...so - be sure to pack: extra bug spray, flashlights, swim suit, and pocket knives...we're headed to the wilderness of strange and rad encounters.



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🎧 Mixing and Mastering by Tyler Bence
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