May 23, 2022

S2 E33: The Great American Road Trip

S2 E33: The Great American Road Trip
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There's something about ROAD TRIPPING that instantly brings to mind your parents rusty station wagon, your little brother or sister crying next to you after getting a blow pop stuck in their hair, the soft foam of walkman headphones and going cross-eyed or getting car sick after playing GAMEBOY for hours on end.

The mixed blessing of America is that if you have a car you can go anywhere in the country, without fear of road blocks or anything stopping you - you and quite literally take a journey across our lands and explore places you've never been before.
It's the romantic characteristic of being in a touring band, a new city and a new place every night.
It's the reason people sell their homes, buy an RV and pack up, gas up, and never stop.

Join us this week as we talk about the joys and wonders of The Great American Road Trip!

Thank you so much for listening, sharing, and all your kind words. BE RAD!  


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