May 2, 2022

S2 E30: Welcome Back Tyler

S2 E30: Welcome Back Tyler
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The prodigal son returns!
This week we welcome back co-host Tyler Bence after a multi-week hiatus from the show because of the TOP SECRET project he has been working on.
We dive into the project as much as we can for now, that he's been working on with writer Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Moon Knight, Essex County, The Nobody).

Plus we catch each other up on what's been going on for the past month. Everything from what we've been reading and watching to approaching some of the episode topics we discussed while he was away.

Join us this week as Tyler defends the truth behind what his actual skills would be in a zombie apocalypse, his thoughts on the Churinga Stone, The Hand of Glory, and why having guests on a podcast can be so hard.

Everything feels back to normal now that the gang's all here. Thanks so much for listening and supporting our show - it truly means the world to us.
Don't forget to tell your friends to check us out, and as always... BE RAD!



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