April 18, 2022

S2 E28 - The Churinga Stone

S2 E28 - The Churinga Stone
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Can objects hold supernatural power? Can they perhaps be the focus of paranormal activity? We've talked about some interesting objects before on our show like the Dybbuk Box (S2 E5), that seemingly wreaked havoc on whomever had it in their possession. But, in this week's episode - we tell you a story that honestly, is one of the craziest accounts that we've come across since we started this podcast. We are going to dive into the realm of Australian Aboriginal lore. Today, we recount a first hand story of the incredibly rad and incredibly strange things that happened to a man who found something while on an early morning hike in the Blue Mountains. This is a story about trusting your gut when you get that feeling that you should just leave things as they are...undisturbed...and as they were intended. With our current level of technology, industry, and advancement it is easy for us human beings to arrogantly think we have it all figured out in 2022. It makes it easy for us to look upon ancient belief systems or ancient ways of life as "primitive" or "uncivilized". But, there are ancient totems and artifacts that can (and will) prove otherwise. Hopefully this story and this week's episode will serve as both a guide and a warning if you ever encounter something while exploring the wilderness, regardless of where you are in the world. Thank you so much for listening, don't forget to tell your friends to check us out, and as always... BE RAD! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SHOW INFO 🎧 That Would Be Rad is written and produced by Woody Brown & Tyler Bence 🎧 That Would Be Rad is recorded at Midnight Radio Studios 🎧 Editing, Mixing, Music, and Sound Design by Woody Brown 🎧 Mixing and Mastering by Tyler Bence 🎧 Episode Graphics, Art & Art Design by Tyler Bence WAYS YOU CAN SUPPORT OUR SHOW Buy Us A Beverage: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/thatwouldberad That Would Be Rad Merch: https://thatwouldberad.myspreadshop.com/ CONNECT WITH US Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thatwouldberad/ Email your Stories or Questions: thatwouldberadpod@gmail.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thatwouldberad/message