March 14, 2022

S2 E24: The Batman

S2 E24: The Batman
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In all honesty, this week we had an entirely different show researched, planned, and ready. BUT, after heading to the movie theater to watch the brand new released THE BATMAN...we had to turn on our mics and talk about this film immediately.
Both of us being comic book fans/nerds since our youth, Tyler being a comic book artist, and both of us being GIANT-SIZED fans of Batman we knew we couldn't wait until this movie was "streaming" at home.
We really had to see if Robert Pattinson could pull it off...

If you haven't seen THE BATMAN yet then please don't listen to this episode until you do - we discuss all aspects of the movie...what we liked, what we didn't like, and spoiler-filled plot points. CONSIDER THIS YOUR SPOILER-WARNING FROM THAT WOULD BE RAD.

You'll have to listen to this week's episode to hear what our final verdict of the movie was but - no matter what we can certainly tell you now.

Don't wait to watch this movie at home when it's streaming. Spring for the IMAX ticket, see it on a BIG screen, with excellent loud sound. The cinematography, soundtrack, and sound design deserve the best venue.

Thank you so much for listening, don't forget to tell your friends to check us out, and as always... BE RAD!



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THE BATMAN released March 4, 2022 is now in theaters. Starring Robert Pattinson,, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, Jeffery Wright, Andy Serkis, John Turturro, and many more.

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