Feb. 21, 2022

S2 E21: Chrissie Venn & the Ghosts of Allison Road

S2 E21: Chrissie Venn & the Ghosts of Allison Road
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No matter where you grew up - chances are there were a handful of urban legends and mysteries that surrounded your town.
Maybe it was an old abandoned house, a condemned factory, or perhaps even a haunted road…

With origins often steeped in tragedy, shrouded in mystery, and terribly fascinating -  these stories end up becoming staples of teenage conversations.
Their physical locations even becoming a part of our cultural coming of age traditions.

Our super rad friend and listener Brendan* sent us his own local legend from Tasmania.

101 years ago almost to the exact date this episode is released: 13 yo Chrissie Venn left her family’s home and walked along Allison Road to run some errands in the village of North Motton, Tasmania.
She never returned.
What begins as a journey into the mysterious disappearance, tragic murder, and the bizarre way she was found…ends with talks of secret societies, strange portals hidden in forests, and the disembodied voices you MUST ALWAYS ignore.

Not only did Brendan turn us on to this incredible story - he ALSO recorded his very own experience while exploring the haunted Allison Road for all of us to enjoy.

Join us this week as we discuss Chrissie Venn & the Ghosts of Allison Road… 

Thank you so much for listening, don't forget to tell your friends to check us out, and as always... BE RAD!

*special thanks this week to Brendan Crates of Tasmania for: his audio, field research + exploration of Allison Road, and sharing this story with us all.


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