Feb. 14, 2022

S2 E20: Groundhog Day '93

S2 E20: Groundhog Day '93
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Yes, we know it’s actually Valentines Day today - so, Happy Valentines Day!
We thought we’d mix it up a little this year and instead of talking about flower bouquets and chalky candy hearts with tiny messages on them…we’re going to chat about one of our all-time favorite Bill Murray movies: Groundhog Day.

This week we dive into the genius of Harold Ramis, our huge crush on Andie MacDowell, the odd but hilarious Chris Elliott, and of course the unstoppable Bill Murray.

This movies concept of being stuck in a time-loop was probably the beginning of the broadening of our minds as kids to ideas and thought experiments such as this.

What would you do if you were stuck in the same day... over and over?
Anything you want and everything your heart desires.

Like so many of our shows, although we start out talking about an early ‘90s movie - we end up going down a few rabbit trails that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

So join us as we reminisce over one of our multi-night renters from Blockbuster.

Thank you so much for listening, don't forget to tell your friends to check us out, and as always... BE RAD!



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