Jan. 10, 2022

S2 E16: Welcome to the Future

S2 E16: Welcome to the Future
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After taking a nice holiday break where we unplugged, spent uninterrupted time with our families, and even vacationed from social media for the most part... We are rested, recharged, and ready to ROCK AND ROLL.

Join us this week as we catch up on a lot of what we've been wanting to talk about during the past few weeks we were away.
You'll hear our thoughts on Ghostbusters Afterlife, Spider-man: No Way Home, and whether or not you should watch The Matrix Resurrections.
We'll discuss Woody's consistent mistake of writing "2021" on everything, what Tyler's "Red Bull" count is up to, and the loss of time/brain fog that has occurred since the last episode.

So join us as we dive into 2022 - and welcome you to the future.
Thank you so much for listening, don't forget to tell your friends to check us out, and as always... BE RAD!



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