Nov. 29, 2021

S2 E13: UFOs of the Land Down Under: Part 01

S2 E13: UFOs of the Land Down Under: Part 01

In this week's episode - our super rad Australian friend and listener Matt tells us all about his own true UFO encounter he had as a kid just outside of Syndey, Australia.
Matt (aka "Mattman") left us this voicemail on the That Would Be Rad hotline several weeks ago - after which immediately we wanted to share it with you.
But instead, we wanted to wait so we could tell a few other incredible UFO stories from THE LAND DOWN UNDER as part one of our series of the weird, rad, and strange things lurking in the Australian skies.

This week you'll hear Mattman tell you about a gigantic blue, almost Manowar-shaped object floating in the distance...
The Knowles family's near-tragic encounter with a craft that lifted their car right off the road in 1988...(aka The Nullarbor Plain Incident)
And finally - the strange disappearance of an Australian pilot Frederick Valentich after calling into to air traffic control to report a strange craft that was following him.

You'll hear the actual voices of all 3 sets of witnesses...each one of their stories equally scary and intriguing.
It begs the question...if Australia has some of the world's deadliest animals and insects on the planet...what kind of deadly things exist there up above?

You'll have to listen to this episode, as we begin to find out!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving - thank you so much for listening, telling everyone else to listen to us, and as always...



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