Nov. 8, 2021

S2 E10: Reincarnation & Past Lives

S2 E10: Reincarnation & Past Lives
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Since we started this podcast, we’ve noticed that sometimes we just have to “give in” to whatever it is out there - in the universe - that may be steering us in a direction we hadn’t planned for, in regards to episode topic.

Sometimes something just lands in our field of vision that ends up occupying our minds so fully that we spend every waking hour we can reading, discovering, and thinking about that particular phenomenon, concept, idea, theory, or event.

That’s exactly what happened this week after Woody came across the story of Shanti Devi - born in India on December 11, 1926...who at the age of 4, began recanting stories of her past life in such incredible detail that it quickly became international news.
It was one of the most thoroughly investigated cases, studied by hundreds of researchers, critics, scholars, saints, and eminent public figures from all parts of India and abroad from the mid-1930s on - including Mahatma Gandhi.
Reading articles, abstracts, and interview transcripts from the time prompted us to dive into the topic of Reincarnation and Past Lives this week.

We go over another famous story about a boy born in 1998 - James Leininger - who at the age of 2, began telling his parents about his past life memories as a downed WWII airplane crewman.

We dive into our thoughts about reincarnation, past lives, mediums, other existence beyond this one we are living, different theories of reincarnation, concepts such as soul-mates, and even how to approach a topic such as this when your faith or belief system may not line up with it.

For whatever reason, this topic landed at our front doorstep -  and we opened the door and invited it in for a conversation.
What are your thoughts on past lives? Have you experienced any memories of a past life yourself?
We’d love to hear from you and hear your story!

Thank you so much for listening to our show...and as always: BE RAD!
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