Sept. 6, 2021

S2 E1: The Patterson-Gimlin Film with BRYCE JOHNSON

S2 E1: The Patterson-Gimlin Film with BRYCE JOHNSON

Welcome to Season Two of our show!
We couldn't think of a better way to kick off our brand new season than to have none other than Bryce Johnson on to talk about one of the most legendary artifacts in Bigfoot history: The Patterson-Gimlin Film.
You know Bryce from Travel Channel's - EXPEDITION BIGFOOT, hit TV shows like - PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, hit movies such as: WILLOW CREEK, and DARKNESS RISING.
He's also the co-host of Bigfoot Collectors Club, one of our all-time favorite podcasts.

In this MEGA SEASON PREMIERE episode, we talk about everything from the authenticity of the Patterson-Gimlin footage, how Bryce got hooked on high strangeness, rare photos of portals, behind the scenes moments of Expedition Bigfoot, and of course...the age-old question: why did people used to call him "Vanilla Bryce".

You're going to love this episode as much as we do - guaranteed. We're so glad to be back - this season is going to be HUGE.

Thank you for listening and as always - BE RAD!


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