Nov. 28, 2022

S2 BONUS EPISODE: Patreon Preview - A Look Down The Rabbit Trail

S2 BONUS EPISODE: Patreon Preview - A Look Down The Rabbit Trail
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Here at That Would Be Rad we are still nursing the turkey hangover that comes after a long Thanksgiving weekend.
We had a relaxing, but also busy holiday filled with being around family, hanging up Christmas lights (already?!?), and of course discussing the rad and strange.
This week we decided to release a special episode that was recorded initially exclusively for our Patreon we call "The Rabbit Trail".

This bonus episode we dive into a REALLY creepy true account from a popular "home design" influencer husband/wife team.
We can't name them but, we read their letter word for word that describes the incredibly haunting story of the home they lived in and recently renovated over the last few years.

As we get into the holiday season and wrap up our 2nd season - we thought this would be a perfect way to cling onto the October frights before we are covered up in Christmas lights.

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