Oct. 12, 2020

S1 E8: Night of the Harlequin

S1 E8: Night of the Harlequin
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This week our hosts dive into a series of REAL-LIFE encounters that span a man’s life all throughout his childhood into adulthood.

WOODY BROWN & TYLER BENCE explore the terrifying experiences of Dan Mitchell who, since he was a young boy, has been continuously visited by what he calls The Harlequin.

Turn up the volume and hear about the fascinating history and folklore that surrounds this character, the horrific experiences Dan Mitchell and his family have undergone, and the eerily strange similarities to one of our other favorite tales…

This story begs the question...what do you do when you hear something GO BUMP in the night?


🎧 That Would Be Rad is produced by Woody Brown & Tyler Bence

🎧 Editing and Sound Design by Woody Brown

🎧 Mixing and Mastering by Tyler Bence

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