Sept. 18, 2020

S1 E5: Consumption Junction Episode #1

S1 E5: Consumption Junction Episode #1
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One of the best things in the world is to find something new and then become obsessed. Whether it's a tv series, a movie, a video game, a song, an album, a new book or comic or even new podcast!
Sharing that NEW OBSESSION with your best friends is EQUALLY EPIC and that's exactly what our hosts WOODY BROWN and TYLER BENCE decided to do for today's episode.
So sit back and get ready to hear about what these guys have been getting into this week and recommend for you to check out.
You'll leave with a solid (and obviously rad) playlist to listen to, what movies you NEED to stream this weekend, our ultimate favorite podcast (besides ours) AND find out if the rumors are true about an upcoming, LEGENDARY...Van Damme Episode...

Thank you so much for listening - and as always...Be Rad!

🎧 That Would Be Rad is produced by Woody Brown & Tyler Bence

🎧 Editing and Sound Design by Woody Brown

🎧 Mixing and Mastering by Tyler Bence

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