July 5, 2021

S1 E44: Songs of Summer

S1 E44: Songs of Summer
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We all have those songs that take us right back to a specific time, a specific place, and maybe even with a specific person.
Songs that make us reminisce about old friends, days filled with no responsibility, and perhaps even make us feel like they were written just for us.

THIS WEEK we give you a list of our favorite songs that no matter where we are, or even what season...
they take us away immediately to warm, sunny, summer days.
This idea started as a short list of 5 songs each that we would bring to the show to talk about - BUT ENDED UP much, much, much longer than that!

Get your #2 pencils ready and rip out a page from your notebook  - we know you’ll agree that this might be - the best mixtape of Songs of Summer!

Thank you so much for listening - Be Rad.


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