June 14, 2021

S1 E41: The Valley of Headless Men

S1 E41: The Valley of Headless Men
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What a perfect way to kick off our summer at Camp Rad Strangeness than to talk about The Valley of Headless Men and the insane stuff that’s happened there over the last century!
This week we take you to the Northwestern Territories of Canada, to this day some of the world's most untouched wilderness.
Filled with gigantic mountain ranges, incredibly dense forests, vast rivers, hot springs, and teaming with wildlife...the area has always been a nature lover's dream.
But, deep within this remote paradise of the Nahanni Valley, something strange is hiding…
The mysterious river valleys of Nahanni National Park have a reputation for breathtaking scenery, hidden riches...and a trail of headless corpses.

Pack your gear, strap on your packs, hop in a seaplane, and join us as we take you to THE VALLEY OF HEADLESS MEN!

Thank you so much for listening campers - BE RAD!

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