June 7, 2021

S1 E40: Songwriting with Jamie Lee Foxx

S1 E40: Songwriting with Jamie Lee Foxx
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It's not every day that we get a chance to talk about our first love...SONGWRITING.
We love being creative, we love storytelling, and it all started for us by writing songs together.
This week we talk about how we were finally able to get together in person to do some songwriting!
We talk about our process, other artists that influenced us throughout the years, and of course, even do a little workshopping with Jamie Lee Foxx. 😉
Don't miss a throwback story from when Woody convinces the band to go running to "get in shape" before our Northeast Tour, Tyler's hilarious running gear, and how he got big gains in LA.
Although we talk about some of the tv shows we've been getting into lately, we also drop our big SUMMER announcement for what we have planned for our show this summer - so excited!

Thank you so much for listening - and wherever you are in the world... BE RAD.

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