May 31, 2021

S1 E39: UFO Encounters Around The World

S1 E39: UFO Encounters Around The World
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To so many, it may seem as though there has been an incredible increase in UFO activity across the globe. Almost daily it seems we’re reading an article or watching a viral video about UFO’s swarming Navy ships, zooming past Air Force towers, or even flying by passenger airliners. Sure recently, global governments are finally “admitting” they’ve witnessed strange things in the sky.  
Even here in the USA, we’re eagerly anticipating the “promised” upcoming declassification, release, and explanation of files related to these phenomena within the next few weeks. -BUT- Is there truly an increase in UFO activity?
Or...have they been happening for as long as humans have been around to talk about it?
This week we take you AROUND THE WORLD to tell you three strange, less well-known, and uniquely terrifying UFO encounters - that could transform your excitement about UFOs... into horror.
We know you’ll love them, and want more - of which we have many!
Get ready, look to the skies, and as always… BE RAD


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