May 10, 2021

S1 E36: The Flight of The Navigator Episode

S1 E36: The Flight of The Navigator Episode
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The list of movies that were released in 1986 is insane, and, so many movies that were released that year had a gigantic impact on our life.
This week we're talking about a movie from 1986 that, for numerous reasons, we fell in love with immediately when we saw it.
In this episode, we’re talking about THE FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida...the 4th of July, 1978...
12-year-old David Freeman walks through the woods to pick up his 8-year-old younger brother, Jeff, from a friend's house when he accidentally falls into a ravine and is knocked unconscious. When he comes to, he discovers that eight years have passed and it is now 1986.

This movie has it all: loss of time, alien spacecraft, action, adventure, silly dialogue, an awesome soundtrack, '80s NASA and is full of RAD STRANGENESS + waves of nostalgia. You literally couldn't ask for more!

So, grab a can of New Cokes, pop some popcorn, snag a bag of your favorite candy, and let's get ready to remember one of the great movies from our childhood together: THE FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR.
(currently streaming on Disney+ or in your VCR)

Thank you so much for listening - Be Rad!


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