May 3, 2021

S1 E35: The MayDay Mystery

S1 E35: The MayDay Mystery
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Every year since at least 1981 a strange, cryptic “ad” can be found inside the pages of “The Daily Wildcat” - the University of Arizona’s student newspaper.

On May 1st, 1981 a seemingly simple, and mysterious photo - a combination of English letters and Chinese symbols was published.
The picture itself could have easily been overlooked or perhaps even ignored, and if that had been the only one of its kind...we’d wager it would have been.

But, that’s not what happened.

Every year since, on May 1st, a new ad can be found...more complex...more intricate...more mysterious...more strange, and thus The May Day Mystery was born.
Who is spending the money to have these ads published?
What does each strange mix of symbols, geographical coordinates, pictures, equations, quotes, and phrases mean?
What is that strange smiley face that is seemingly scribbled on each?
Who is “THE ORPHANAGE” - the group or individual who claim to be behind it all?

You’ll have to listen to hear what Woody Brown and Tyler Bence have found out about this super rad pre-internet mystery.
HAPPY MAY DAY and as always BE RAD!


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