April 19, 2021

S1 E33: The Ewok Adventure

S1 E33: The Ewok Adventure
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It all started with an exciting purchase on eBay of an old obscure (and hard to find) '80s movie VHS... Then a few days after it arrives Woody's brother shoots him a text that says "Hey man, have you checked this out on Disney+ yet??" followed by a picture of THE STAR WARS VINTAGE COLLECTION. Much to Woody's surprise Disney+ had made some of their hardest, obscure Star Wars content available to stream. This week we're of course talking about The Ewok Adventure ... a movie that both Tyler and Woody haven't seen, in at the very least, 30 years. We will take you on a journey of nostalgia as we take a deep dive into The Ewok Adventure (and why perhaps the sequel "Battle for Endor" is another example of the Mandela Effect). We go over some really interesting trivia and behind-the-scenes info on the movie, talk about why this Star Wars Vintage Collection was an excellent find, and, how it SAVED SPRING BREAK.

So join us as we go over some of our favorite memories - THANKS FOR LISTENING and as always... BE RAD


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