March 1, 2021

S1 E26: The Mega Mandela Effect Episode

S1 E26: The Mega Mandela Effect Episode
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This week TYLER tricks WOODY into finally talking about The Mandela Effect.
Have you ever remembered something from your childhood - only to later find that it is now completely different?
Jif peanut butter for example...didn’t it used to be called “Jiffy”?!?
Symptoms of the Mandela effect include:
* remembering something as slightly different in wording or appearance as it originally was
* a large number of people recounting the same way of remembering

Is this bizarre phenomenon the result of “collective false memories”, “confabulation”, or is the Mandela effect evidence of a rift in the space/time continuum??
Is it perhaps the result of experiments on particles and matter happening as we speak? Find out what our hosts think about this intriguing phenomenon on this weeks episode!

Thank you for listening and as always BE RAD!


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