Feb. 22, 2021

S1 E25: The Sword & The Sonja

S1 E25: The Sword & The Sonja
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This week we take on the seemingly impossible to decide which movie is greater...The Sword and the Sorcerer or Red Sonja.
Get ready for a three-bladed sword, a lizard-skinned sorcerer, a wall of hellish faces, Brigitte Nielsen with a STRONG '80s mullet, Conan who's not really Conan, and Ernie Reyes Jr.
In the second fantasy face-off episode, our hosts WOODY BROWN & TYLER BENCE face the difficult task of deciding who will move on to the next round and who will lay defeated in the arena of THE GREATEST '80S FANTASY MOVIES.
So...get out your tankard of ale, sharpen your long swords, and let's get to it. I hope you have your vcr ready to pop in that beautiful vhs tape.
Thank you for listening and as always BE RAD!


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