Feb. 1, 2021

S1 E22: WandaVision

S1 E22: WandaVision
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If you're anything like our hosts WOODY BROWN & TYLER BENCE then you've probably watched (and re-watched) all the Marvel movies on Disney+ a countless number of times since the quarantine began in 2020.
So, the prospect of brand new Marvel Cinematic Universe content debuting in Jan. 2021 was extremely exciting, especially after Wonder Woman 1984 (hear our thoughts on that in S1 E19)!
This week join our hosts as they discuss their thoughts on the first 2 episodes of WandaVision.
Can Tyler make it through an entirely black and whiteepisode without calling it quits?
Will the premise of The Scarlet Witch and Vision living in a retro sitcom, complete with a laugh track and corny one-liners, survive their criticism?
Find out when you PRESS PLAY.

Thank you so much for listening and BE RAD.


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