That Would Be Rad

Great Podcast by Great People

I was lost. The internet podcast scene had really gotten me down. There were too many mediocre choices. Murder mysteries, comic book reviews, and podcasts that focused on too many similar subjects for too many weeks in a row. I wanted a podcast that captured the In Search of...vibe, the clickety clack of VHS tapes being loaded into VCRs, forays into D&D and high weirdness caused by time rifts, aliens, or parallel realities clashing with ours. And boy howdy, did I find it! Lured in by Tyler Bence’s art I was quickly introduced to web app master Woody Brown. Both of these guys reminded me that everything that I loved growing up in the 80s was still awesome. That Would Be Rad delivers a weekly curated “mixtape” for your listening pleasure. Start at the 1st episode and don’t look back! And remember always be Rad!


April 6, 2021 by quinine92001 on Apple Podcasts

That Would Be Rad